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Measurement Guide

Before You Start

  • Record all measurements in inches (do not round)
  • Make sure that all recorded measurements are clearly legible.
  • Assign one person to determine and record all measurements.

Record Ceiling Height & Wall Lengths

  • Draw an outline of your kitchen.
  • Record the ceiling height.
    • Measuring from the floor to the ceiling (or base of soffit/bulkhead)
  • Record the wall lengths.
    • Start in one corner of your project area and measure to an adjacent wall
    • Continue around the room, until all necessary walls have been measured.

Measure Windows

  • Add window location to your drawing.
    • Include all window trims as part of the measurements for the windows.
    • Measure and record each window’s width, height, and distance from the floor.
  • Continue around the room until all necessary windows have been added.

Measure Appliances

  • Measure or research and record the width, height, and depth of your sink and all appliances.
  • Add the sink location to your outline.
    • Start at the center of your sink, and measure to the closest wall.
  • Add the appliance locations to your drawing.
    • Start at the edge of your range, and measure to the corner of the closest wall.
    • Start at the edge of your refrigerator, and measure to the corner of the closest wall.

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